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1. PART - Theoretical part


  • General introduction to the microblading method.
  • The structure and composition of the skin.
  • Introduction to the skin and skin diseases.
  • Preparation and Tips fir GGD application. (hygiene, disinfection, sterilization, sanitation).
  • Information about products.
  • Marketing tips getting boost on Social Media, how to get clients.
  • Learning when or if the procedure is appropriate or not.
  • Discovering the basic guidelines (eyebrows based on the shapes of faces).
  • Pigment mixing.
  • Eyebrow symmetry calculation.
  • Shaping (outlining) eyebrows with a pencil before the procedure.
  • Introduction to different shapes of eyebrows and learning how to choose the right one
  • Practical work on artificial skin, learning about drawing the right hair sequence and the depth of pigment injection.


2. PART - Practical part


  • On the 2nd day, the trainer will take you through the whole microblading procedure by providing a live presentation on a model. During the procedure, the microblading specialist will explain the various steps in detail. We encourage our students to also film the procedure. As an additional way to make sure our students don't miss any details the entire procedure is also projected in close up on a projection screen.
  • After the demonstration, you'll start your first individual work on a real model under constant supervision of microblading professionals.
  • Consultation with the client (their wishes, skin examination, etc.)
  • Outlining eyebrows with the pencil
  • Digitally checking the outline (symmetry checkups and corrections)
  • Drawing the eyebrows on a model (determination of color, shape, and depth of pigment injection).
  • Your individual work on a real model

Starter kits included

( 100 clients ready to be microbladed )


  • Travel multifunction Bag
  • Textbook
  • 3× microblading pencil
  • 4× blade holder
  • 4× pigments (10 ml)
  • 100× microblading Blades
  • 100× microbrushes / eyebrow wands
  • Golden ratio compass
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Blades (for pencil)
  • 4× Artificial skins (practising maths)
  • 100× Ink cups

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